Cultraro: suppliers to the new neck brace O'Neal

Mountain biking and motocross are adventurous sports, with competitions and different categories, but they have something in common: they need a valid equipment for the safety of the riders.

The market offers multiple products to keep yourself safe while riding off road or jumping over obstacles, and O’NEAL is one of the most reliable names you can count on. 

O’NEAL has taken the Moveo® Concept II brace to develop Tron, aimed at both DH and MX riders. It is a neck brace that can reduce the possibility of a serious neck injury.

But where can you find Cultraro in this innovative product?

Our A Series - push latches are used to hide and block the front metal hinge inside the front frame, keeping it closed and invisible when you use it. Its function is really important not only for the aesthetic of the neck brace, but also for a comfortable use, hiding the front metal hinge.

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O’Neal Tron neckbrace

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