Cultraro Rotary Dampers in Caberg helmets

People with passion for motorbikes know this: a good helmet can define the quality of your trip. 

Caberg, the company based in Bergamo (Italy) producing helmets since 1974 knows this also, producing smart helmets by combining look, safety and functionality. 

They are also the first Italian company to introduce a flip up helmet (system helmet) on the market, and the second one worldwide. 

An innovative view of the market that we are very proud to share: we are always looking for new and captivating applications for our dampers, and being present on Caberg helmets is just the kind of application we are looking for.
Our C dampers support the quick release visor system, combining safety and smoothness in its movement. 

The Cultraro C series small rotary dampers, with their variety of torques and mounting styles and the compact size are particularly versatile for a wide range of applications. 

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To have an overview about Caberg most famous helmets, go to their website:

Cultraro Dampers for open helmets
cultraro dampers c series for helmets

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