Cultraro for Digitel Flip Up systems

Colorful, tidy and highly accessible. These are the Flip Up systems from Digitel, a Serbian company which provides innovative solutions for increasing workstation ergonomy.

Starting from the telecommunication sector, Digitel has successfully developed new projects in different fields of application and now their core business is the production of top access for wiring for furniture, especially for work places.

Being present in the working environment is always an added value for Cultraro.

Our C Series dampers work in these Flip Up systems to ensure a slow movement of the lid, guaranteiing a product of great elegance and efficiency. You simply push to open, plug and close to hide away the cables. The slow movement avoid the slam of the lid for a longer lifetime and noiseless action.

This application is available in every environment, just as our C Series dampers, little and easy to integrate in many projects, with a large torque availability and many coupling features.

For more information about Cultraro dampers, see our page

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Flip-up with dampers
Flip-up with dampers
Flip-up with dampers
Flip-up with dampers

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