Discover the new Cultraro axial damper

We present you our new axial damper Cultraro designed for both automotive and non-automotive markets. 

In this example we can see how the damper can be easily installed and perfectly integrated inside the glove box guaranteeing noise reduction and more fluidity in the movements thanks to the one-way function (patented by Cultraro).

In the video you can also see the increase of volume available inside the glove box thanks to the new position of the damper; moreover using an axial damper cause less distortion of the lid in closing phase.

This damper is also extremely responsive even when applied on heavy doors.

Perfectly integrated during installation, these Cultraro axial dampers offer a wide range of benefits:

- easy installation

- perfectly integrated inside the application

- offering bigger box volume available

- less noise during the lid opening/closing

- less lid distortion in closing phase

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