Little Fat Robot: a teaching assistant at your home

Little Fat Robot has a number of world-leading technologies and patents such as autonomous cruise and emotional system, it is used in home applications, and also as teaching assistant for children.

Cultraro: suppliers to the Ford Focus

Cultraro is present suppliers to the on the fourth-generation Ford Focus.

Covid-19 Disease and Government Shutdown

We would like to share some updates with you regarding the spreading of the Covid-19. The Italian governemnt announced yesterday that all the containment measures are extended until 13.04.2020

Cultraro for Digitel Flip Up systems

Colorful, tidy and highly accessible. These are the Flip Up systems from Digitel, a Serbian company which provides innovative solutions for increasing workstation ergonomy.

The new Firs Stampi website

Firs Stampi started its collaboration with Cultraro Automazione Engineering in 2016. 

Cultraro: suppliers to the new Lamborghini Urus

We've got published on Automotive News Europe for the new Lamborghini Urus.

2019 AIE Show Report

We would like to thank our team involved in the planning, organizing and running the event and all the visitors of our stand.

Automotive Interiors EXPO 2019

From October 22nd to 24th Automotive Interiors EXPO 2019 Cultraro will take place in Novi, Michigan, USA, an exhibition dedicated to innovation in the automotive field. 

Cultraro Rotary Dampers in Caberg helmets

Discover how Caberg helmets use Cultraro C series small Rotary dampers in their helmets.

Cultraro for HL Display

Cultraro contributes to give you the better shopping experience!

Cultraro officially opens its new office in China!

In order to offer better service and expertise to our customers in the chinese market, we have chosen Shanghai, heart of innovation and creativity in China as the location.

Dampers where you don’t expect them: Robolinho®

Cultraro F Series Dampers fit perfectly in the dynamic design of Robolinho®, a robotic lawnmower, dampening the cap so that it does not bounce up when you need to adjust the settings.

Cultraro: suppliers to the new VW Touareg

Cultraro ia a supplier for the new VW Touareg, 

Discover the new Cultraro axial damper

We present you our new axial damper Cultraro designed for both automotive and non-automotive markets. 

Cultraro: suppliers to the new Porsche Panamera

We've got published on Automotive News Europe for the new Porsche Panamera.

Innovative applications: Leo, the robot simulating surgical operations

Discover our small rotary dampers for medicine and surgery:  their dimensions and torques can be useful where precision is a must-have.

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