Tech Advantages

Cultraro offers many advantages with its products. Innovation and customization are two of its most widely recognized virtues.
Our patents ensure that our products are endowed with very high torque, and exhibit unusually powerful resistance to high temperatures and cycling.
Cultraro has developed more than 50 patents for unique products.
Our Dampers, with their extremely high torque, are used in many applications where other Dampers fail through insufficient torque.
Our design is always suitable for the application, and it helps make our products continuously price-affordable, and very competitive.

On the following points some advantages may be summarized:

  • Since beginning (in 2000) we produce using ultrasonic welding and silicon O-rings.
  • All our products are tested at 100%, one by one.
  • Wide working range from -40°C (-40°F) to 95°C (200°F) and over (higher if more is requested).
  • Very extended lifetime cycles.